Artificial grass patio, Saggart Co. Dublin

We were asked to install artificial grass, which is a popular option amongst busy homeowners.

The existing area was quite damp and mucky, so excavation of the existing area was needed. A good thickness of 1 foot hardcore base was placed in order to prevent drainage problems arising again as the area had suggested with poor drainage in the past. This process was completed in 3 different stages to compact it well and ensure no future sinking will arise. Paving grit was installed to get the final levels and the membrane was set to stop any unwanted weeds peaking through. Flowerbeds were bordered with 100×100 yellow granite setts, and the Phoenix artificial grass, 40mm thick was laid and with this, the whole project was completed.

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Prior to installing artifical grass
Before – mucky area with drainage problems
Artificial grass saggart
After – completed clean, well drained garden