Cobblelock patio, Maynooth Co. Kildare

Cobblelock patios, if well designed, bring peace and comfort and an extension to the living and recreation areas of your home. Renovating your patio is a great opportunity for everyone to express their own decorative talents, and with our skills everything is possible. Feel free to mix stone materials with grass, soil and flowers. Nature did it first.

For this cobblelock patio project in Maynooth, the whole process went like this;

Excavation of the existing topsoil, took place initially, followed by creating a solid hardcore base.

Slane rustic cobblelock was installed.

With riven white connemara walling we were able to create new flowerbeds and filled them with soil.

For a nice finish, fresh roll on grass was carefully installed, and new flowers were planted, which altogether made this patio come to life.

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