Gravel driveway, Rathgar, Dublin 6

We visited another household in Rathgar.

Early in the morning, digging up of existing topsoil base took place.  We installed a membrane which will have the benefit of helping to prevent unwanted weed to peak through. Then we installed hardcore base and used wacker plate, which vibrates to compact the ground firmly. Next we lay a thin sand layer before the final layer which was the pink quartz gravel 20mm thick. Sand binds with the hardcore to close the gaps between the stones and keeps gravel from mixing with the hardcore. Then came the time to install yellow granite setts 100x200x50mm thick. Setts were laid in full bed mortar sand and cement, and we joined them with mortar so that we don’t need to worry about unwanted weeds in this part also, and at the same time we secured the durability of this patio .

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Gravel driveway with granite setts
Gravel driveway