Yellow granite patio in Lucan, Co. Dublin

Replace your worn out decking with natural stone material and create a well used paved patio. Easier for maintaining and longer lasting.

We begun with removing the old decking and excavation of top soil to prepare everything for hardcore base. Wacker plate was used to ensure that everything is well compacted, and the effects of this will be prevention of granite slabs moving. Block wall was made in the corner for flowerbed area which we cladded with granite cladding and capped it off with granite slab on top which created a sitting place. Now that we covered all the details, we could start with installing yellow granite 600×600 slabs which were also used for insulation of recessed manhole cover . Yellow bullnose granite slabs were used for making the steps. Process in which we lay all granite slabs is where we lay them all in a full wet mortar sand and cement bed, and joints in between were also filled with the cement, to prevent joint cracking and weed peaking through those holes.

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