Granite Patio in Rathmines, Dublin 6

In this blog we will break down, in small simple steps, the process of a granite patio installation on our first project this year, and get back on track with garden makeovers.

The whole idea was to make some nice walking space around the house and space for garden chairs in the patio, connecting garden doors with the shed for cleaner surfaces on rainy days.

In order to do so;

  • excavation of the topsoil was needed in the space between the house and the shed, to accomplish the  required level for the base. We then
  • installed the hardcore base after it was delivered, as the first layer, and the wacker plate was used to ensure that everything was compacted well.
  • Installation of the black granite slabs 300×600  could start, after a little bit of sand was added as a thin second layer. All the granite slabs were layed in full bed mortar sand and cement, and the cement was also used for jointing all the slabs, which ensured that no unwanted weeds will peak through for many years to come, and for durability.

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