Gravel driveway installation in Lucan, Dublin 20

This is a two-day process of a driveway transformation that happened in Dublin’s Northside. This is for us the usual duration of a smaller to medium size gravel driveway projects.

On Monday morning, our early start was;

  • Demolition of an existing old concrete driveway with the front wall and pillars;  concrete layer was excavated to allow us following dirt digging to establish a good  base. With the demolition of the walls with the pillars, house owner got a wider approach to his driveway and an additional parking space.
  • Digging up of the topsoil;  process necessary to get the required depth for the base to be set up.
  • Installing the hardcore base;  once we were happy with the lines  we got from digging, it was then time for the installation of the hardcore base which needs to be compacted well. Wacker pate which strongly vibrates was used to accomplish satisfactory firmness. This was the last activity for the day one.


After a day of preparation for the fine work, we were able to start with final activities the second half the following day.

First we;

  • Created a footpath; with installation of the vintage yellow limestone slabs we had created a footpath across the center of the driveway leading towards the front doors, where we had;
  • Installed a single step; using the same material.  And then;
  • The path surrounding the house was being paved.
  • Yellow granite Portuguese sets;  were installed along the edges of the driveway and at the front entrance to frame it nicely.  In the corner of the driveway we had;
  • Created a flowerbed section.  Preparation for the final step was
  • Laying the thin membrane which stops gravel from mixing with the hardcore base.
  • Installation of the gravel which was spread in 20 mm in thickness, as the final layer, was also the last and finishing step.

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