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What paving slabs to use

So are you thinking of getting your driveway or patio paved or your garden landscaped? Well you have come to the right place. Now you are probably trawling through photos in the gallery and coming across numerous paving options, styles, colours and designs. I will discuss paving options simply below to help you understand this topic better.

Types of paving options available:

You have 2 basic types of paving stone; manufactured slabs and cobbles or natural stone. Manufactured cobbles and slabs come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a very durable paving option are generally cost less than natural stone to lay as they can be lay on sand since they are thick and strong. This makes them an ideal option for driveways and are also used for patios.

Natural stone

Natural stone slabs are thinner and thus need to be lay and jointed with a wet sand and cement mixture, this raises the cost a little but it does guarantee that no bothersome weeds will sneak up through your paving. Examples of natural stone include limestone, sandstone and granite. Natural stone also comes in a variety of colours and also can have variation in the shades within each paving slab and in a batch since it is a naturally occuring stone.

When it comes to design this will depend on the shape, size and existing elements of your garden. We will call out free of charge and offer you advice on what would best suit your home. We offer a free quotation with no obligation to proceed. When we call out we will show you photos and samples to help you decide what option to choose.


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