Paving project : Park View Avenue, Castleknock

We recently completed a beautiful paving project in Castleknock. We priced the job for the client on a Saturday, and we agreed a price on the spot. After going through our portfolio of photos he chose the rustic Slane 20x10cm brick with a double border of granite finished setts. For the flower bed he chose the rustic kerb to match the bricks. All the products were sourced from Kilsaran.

Work commenced a week later on the agreed date. The existing driveway was half grass and half concrete. We started by breaking the concrete, and dug the grass away to the required depth. The concrete and soil was carted away and the hardcore and sand brought to the job. First we spread the hardcore and compacted it using the plate compactor. Next we spread the sand and compacted it in the same way. We achieved the required levels to ensure any rainfall would flow away into a gulley near the house. We then lay all the bricks in a herringbone style. We lay the border and cut the bricks neatly to fit them into place. Lastly we lay the kerbs around the flower bed and the step, and paved the top of the step.
We swept silica sand into the joints and compacted the bricks for the last time to ensure a really strong job which will stand up to traffic. On completion the client was delighted with the project and has future plans for us to install a patio at the back of the house. Below are some photos of the finished driveway. It took two days to complete.







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