Porcelain Paving Contractor Dublin

Porcelain Paving Contractor Dublin

Porcelain paving installation is the latest trend in Dublin. More and more homeowners prefer porcelain as their chosen paving material in Dublin over the last two years. It provides an exceptionally consistent finish that offers a sleek and sophisticated design edge to your indoor and outdoor paving. Driveway Paving specializes as a porcelain paving contractor Dublin and surrounding areas.

Porcelain paving contractor Dublin
Porcelain Patio

Porcelain paving contractor Dublin – production

Porcelain slabs are made using clays that are fired to a very high temperature to create a hard and durable finish. The mixture of clay and sand boasts the look and feel of high-grade natural stone. In addition, the stunning natural materials from which porcelain consists allow you to enjoy their distinctive beauty. One of the main reasons for the spike in popularity of these materials is their natural look. They look convincingly like natural stone yet are extremely low maintenance.

Two of the most important advantages of porcelain slabs are their high durability and low maintenance cost. Moreover, porcelain slabs are water-resistant and scratch-proof.

As a result, porcelain is a perfect option for areas with high footfall, such as patios and pathways. They are also hard-wearing and non-porous. Therefore you save time and money as there’s no need to buy expensive sealants.

Porcelain paving

Here at Driveway Paving, we know the benefits of using top quality products and the risks associated with using inferior stone. Therefore, we use only the best quality Italian porcelain slabs from top companies such as Double L  that are amazingly adaptable. They come in a wide range of textures, colors, sizes, and thicknesses. The cost which ranges from 110 to 140 euros per square meter depends on the porcelain characteristics and on the preparation of the base.

Porcelain paving contractor Dublin – cost

The aforementioned cost of between €110 and €140 includes everything from supply to installation from start to finish, with no hidden costs. Many companies will offer a discounted rate and as the job progresses the extras will pile on the bill. At Driveway Paving, we base our business on trust and we try to be as transparent as possible with our customers. Our initial quotation will involve in-depth discussion around what you require to ensure your quotation will match your final bill. Your individually tailored quotation will depend on a variety of factors:

  • Ground – the existing ground in the area to be paved.
  • Slab – Your chosen porcelain paving slab.
  • Access – The access to the site area, whether we can access it with our digger or whether we need to go through your house. These factors will affect how long your project takes us to complete and therefore affects our quotation.
  • Size – The size of the area – we are able to offer better rates for larger areas of porcelain paving as we still pay one delivery charge on materials and one grab load etc so the cost per metre lowers the larger the area.
  • Design – If you require designs in your porcelain paving project, such as borders, circles, diamonds, flower beds, benches and steps these will cost extra also.

In summary, one of the most beautiful additions you can make to your garden or patios is porcelain paving. If you require high-quality porcelain paving for your patio and driveway, then Driveway Paving contractor Dublin can assist you from A to Z. At Driveway Paving, we are committed to providing you with the best quality of porcelain installation.

Porcelain paving with step

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